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Are you looking for some of the best quality and cheapest bird houses you can buy? you have come to the right place. Our aim is to promote some of the best bird houses available on the web, at the cheapest prices. With summer approaching why not invest in a bird house for your garden, you will get an array of beautiful birds gracing it everyday. Bird Houses, also known as nest box's are the ideal place for any type of bird, from Blackbirds to Sparrows there are a wide range of bird houses to suit them all. Provide the birds with a safe environment so they can nest, as a result they will become an attraction in your garden.

Getting The Best Quality Bird Houses

Bird Houses There are many types of bird houses, some of them attract the smaller birds and some attract the larger ones, picking one depends on the types of birds that are currently habitated around your garden, or the types of birds that you want to attract to your garden. Check out the individual bird house descriptions below to get a good understanding on ones that might be best suited in your garden. The most common bird houses are made out of wood, giving a more natural look to the garden and to the birds themselves. You can also find plastic made bird houses but we believe the natural wood look is the way to go, the quality is usually much better also. If your looking to buy a natural wooden bird house, look no further, as you can see below we have a wide range of the best bird houses available on the internet.

Its not only bird houses that can attract birds to your garden, there are also bird tables and bird feeders that can be used alone or inconjunction with bird tables to really give the birds something special. You can check out these various bird feeders, bird tables and bird baths which are some of the best available.

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Bird Houses
Price : £9.99

Chapelwood Multi Nesting Box

This Multi Hole Nest Box is perfect for small birds. This Nest Box attracts a large variety of small birds due to the 3 hole options, when open fronted it will attract robins and wagtails, 28mm it will attract tits and with the hole at 32mm it will attract sparrows, wrens etc.

You can apply or remove the faces to suit your needs. With a sublime, natural finish this nest will prove not only a great place for birds to rest but an attractive addition to any garden.

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Bird Houses
Price : £9.99

Chapelwood Nest Box

Containing FSC pine, this Chapelwood Nest Box is a perfect settlement for small birds. This Nest Box will attract all small birds, but it is especially suited for the tit family due to it's 28 millimeter hole and 15 millimeter thickness of wall which provides the best quality insulation for the birds.

Side openings will make end of season cleaning even easier and with a sublime, natural finish this nest will prove not only a great place for birds to rest but an attractive addition to any garden.

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Bird Houses
Price : £13.13

Wildlife World Roosting Nest Pockets - Pack of 6

These simple yet attractive pockets provide roosting, shelter and nesting for all small birds. They will provide protection on cold nights which will in turn help the birds preserve body fat
and enable survival. These roosting nests not only look great, they are also made from natural materials. They come complete with hanging wire and full detailed instructions.

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Bird Houses
Price : £8.48

Chapelwood Robin Nesting Box (cedar)

This Robin Nesting Box has been designed to attract small birds, especially robins, pied wagtails and spotted flycatchers. Comprising of FSC cedar wood with
it's natural resistance to warping, rot and water damage and excellent insulation properties, this Robin Nesting Box is the perfect settlement for small birds.

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Bird Houses
Price : £9.99

Chapelwood Robin Nest Box

This Robin Nesting Box has been designed to attract small birds, especially robins, pied wagtails and spotted flycatchers. With a sublime, natural finish this
nest will prove not only a great place for birds to rest but an attractive addition to any garden.

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Bird Houses
Price : £16.80

Chapelwood Little Owl Nest Box

Containing FSC pine with 17mm walls for ideal insulation, the Little Owl Nest Box has been designed with a large open front which is perfect to accomodate small owls.
With a sublime, natural finish this nest will prove not only a great place for birds to rest but an attractive addition to any garden.

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Bird Houses
Price : £19.99

Chapelwood Sparrow Terrace

The Sparrow Terrace has a 15mm thick wall which helps provide optimum insulation and a 32mm hole which is ideal for sparrows as it provides a shelter and protection from the elements.
Containing FSC pine, and with the added feature of three different nesting chambers and access holes, it will prove to be a great nesting solution for more than one family of sparrows.

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Bird Houses
Price : £19.99

Orchard Next Bird Box

This is a multi species nest box with a sleek and stylish slate roof, the box has 3 entrance holes which allows you to target different species of birds. Not only will it provide a
settlement for birds, it will also be an attracive addition to your garden.

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Price : £9.99

Open Birch Log Bird Nest Box

This is a great little open birch log nest box bird house, it will attract robins, wrens and blackbirds to your garden. The house is a natural product and it is made from wood, a nice little attraction for your garden.

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Price : £10.99

Alpine Nesting Box

This alpine nesting box is suitable for every common garden bird, the house is hand made in the uk and has a stainless steel hole protector. Great bird house for bird lovers and it will look great in your garden.

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Price : £24.99

Classic multi species nesting box set of 3

These multi specie nesting boxes are hand made in the uk, they are made of solid redwood and have a natural look and feel to them. They are coated in a dark brown animal friendly wood preserve. There is 1x robin nesting box, 1x bluetit and 1x sparrow, they are great additions for any garden.

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Price : £8.44

Bird Nesting Box

This bird nesting box is an ideal nesting place for tits, sparrows, nuthatches and pied flycatchers. The bird house is very easy to install and will look great in your garden, it comes in natural colours which provides a more natural feeling.

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Price : £4.91

A Wild Bird Nest Box

This wild bird nesting box is a great little house for any garden, it can accomodate tits, sparrows, nuthatches and pied fly catchers. It has a slack fit base which allows water drainage and comes with a very natural look.

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Price : £5.15

Gardman Wooden Wild Bird Nesting Box

This wooden bird house is a great nesting place for wild birds, sparrows, blue tits, great tits and nuthatches. It comes with an overhanging roof and has a very natural look and feeling. Will make a great addition to any garden.

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How can we save the bird wild-life?

Nature is amazing, but it will not be for much longer. Did you know that some of the most common bird species are being reduced in numbers at a heavy rate, species like the skylark songbirds and tree sparrows numbers are in heavy decline, as a result in ten years time these types of birds could become non-existent. The decline has also been spotted in some of the more common garden bird wild life, such as Robins and Blue Tits.

So what can we do? Well a start would be to try to keep household pets under control, 55 million birds are estimated to be killed by domestic cats a year alone. Putting a bell on them maybe will help, so that at least the birds will have a warning when they are about to get attacked. No one likes seeing a bunch of feathers on their garden lawn, its usually a bad sign. Around 25% of our bird population breeds in our very own gardens, what we can do it further improve this number and reduce the attacks by cats is to have bird houses in our gardens. Bird Houses, or nest box's as they are also known give the birds a safe environment to nest in, thus will result in a better survivability rate for young birds and also help keep any predators out.

Giving a supply of food via bird feeders is also be a great way to keep the birds fed, this will attract a wide range of birds to your garden, what a beautiful place a garden is with birds singing. A tip is to give the birds are wide variety of food so that you attract different types of species and also try to keep the food as high as possible, not only so the birds can see it better but also again from predators trying to steal the food, or attack the birds while eating. Bird baths are also great for clean fresh drinking water for the birds, during winter seasons all their main water sources can get frozen, so birds finding drinking water is more important than ever. To stop your bird bath's water getting frozen, try putting it next to a garden light, a heat source that will help keep the water heated so it doesn't melt. Its also possible to put a light ball in the bird bath so it sways during winds, this will stop the whole bird bath getting frozen open and leave a tiny bit of water available for the birds to drink. You could also pour hot water over the bird baths once a day to melt the ice, this is probably the easiest solution. So by making sure that birds have a great supply of food and water will keep the birds coming to your garden and keep the populations on the rise, rather than the fall.

Get a bird table for your garden to perch the food upon, or combine all the tips in this article and make your garden the ultimate bird paradise. We need to keep the population steady, keep nature the way it is and the only way we can do it is by taking action now, otherwise we may be regretting it in years to come.

Most Common Urban Bird Species

These are are a list of some of the common urban bird species, one that you also may find in your garden especially when you have bird house, nest box, bird bath etc in your garden, if you do not see birds like these, purchasing one would greatly increase the chance that these following birds will be spotted in your garden. We will be including pictures of the birds soon for identification purposes.


With its Latin name Turdus merula the Blackbird comes from the bird family of chats and thrushes. The Blackbird is without a doubt one of the most common urban species and can be seen across the whole of UK, with its mellow song and bright orange beaks they are hard to miss. Interestingly a Blackbird female are more brown coloured than black. You will find Blackbirds near enough everywhere but they tend not to reside on higher altitude. Berries insects and worms would be their proffered food. This bird has a similiar resembelnce to a Ring ouzel.


With there bright orange tails these birds really do stand out. A Latin name of Phoenicurus phoenicurus they also come from the chats and thrushes bird family. These birds are declining in the whole of Europe and are mainly seen in Wales and to the north and west of the UK, they love the woodland and eat insects, worms and berries.

Black redstart

A Latin name of Phoenicurus ochruros the Black redstart is another urban bird, though the population has been in heavily decline and is on the list of Birds of Conservation Concern with only fewer than 100 breeding pairs estimated to be left in the whole of the UK. The live at the heart of urban and industrial sites and are spotted more commonly in Greater London and Birmingham. They love to eat seeds, insects, berries and worms.

Blue tit

These brightly coloured birds are stunning and beautiful to look at, mix of blue, white, green and yellow make these birds one of the most elegant and attractive birds, they look stunning in a garden. If you want to attract them to your garden be sure to buy a bird houses, bath or a bird feeder to attract them. They are love woodland and hedgerows. They love seeds and nuts so be sure to stock up your bird feeder on these food.


A bright pinkie red breast also make these a very stunning bird to look at, their Latin name is Pyrrhula pyrrhula and they are part of the Finches bird family. They are more commonly seem in hedgerows all year around and love to eat mainly seeds and insects.


The second most common breeding bird and is one of the more stand out birds with its stunning colours. These birds tend to not feed on bird feeders but love bird tables. It also is very common to see them on the ground. They also make a stunning noise so you will be sure to hear them. They are spotted all around the UK so you will be sure to see them all year around. They mainly feed on insects and seeds.


Part of the Warblers and allies family the Goldcrest is coloured green with an orange stripe upon his head is the UK’s smallest songbird. Latin name Refulus regulus, they are found all across the UK in particular in trees, bushes and conifers. They feed mainly on insects.

Great Tit

The Great Tit is the biggest of the Tit bird family mainly composing of the colours yellow black and white. They absolutely love bird houses, so if you want to attract these birds into your garden you will go along way by introducing one to them, they will be flocking to your garden. They are found across nearly all the UK and feed mainly on seeds and nuts, so be sure to supply them and you will see them gracing your garden with their prescience.


Another great looking bird with you guessed it, Green colour it really stands out and is combined with a stunning bright hint of yellow. These will be seen all year around and especially in gardens after they got deprived of seeds in the countryside. From the finches family of birds and a Latin name of Carduelis chloris these birds really are stunning.

House Sparrow

A bird species that is in heavy decline that loves people part of the Sparrow bird family they are mainly brown with dull black stripes with a Latin name of Passer domesticus these birds really need our help. They mainly eat on Seeds and even our waste such as bread crumbs.


With a cute Latin name of pica pica these birds are part of the Crows and allies. Everyone will be familiar with a Magpie. A bird with a hint of authority, a typical bully type bird, Mainly blakc with a hint of green on there tails these birds really unique. They are also said to believed to be one of most intelligent of all animals and the European Magpie is one of the only animals that can actually recognize itself in a mirror. They can be found all around England and are very common in Scotland.


The Raven is a huge black bird and is a member of the Crow family. Its jet black and has a huge wing span. With a Latin name of Corvus corax these birds are quite formidable. Did you know that Ravens drop stones on predators that they think are threatening their nests or young ones. These birds though are not the typical type of bird that you want hanging around your garden.


Everyones favouite bird the Robin, with its Latin name of Erithacus rubecula its part of the Chats and thrushes family of birds. With its bright red coloured breast its seen commonly across the whole of the year. You can hear them singing all year round and love to be seen at Christmas. They may look cute but are can be aggressive to intruders. They love to eat seeds, fruits worms and insects and will flock to your garden if you supply them with some of the items featured on this site. They love woodland and gardens in particular.